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Friday 02 March 2007

Bullous pemphigoid and multiple sclerosis: a report of two cases with ELISA test.

By: Peramiquel L, Barnadas MA, Pimentel CL, García Muret MP, Puig LL, Gelpí C, Agustí M, Alomar A.

Eur J Dermatol 2007 Jan-Feb;17(1):62-6

We report two patients with longstanding multiple sclerosis (MS) who developed vesicles and bullae consistent with the diagnosis of bullous pemphigoid (BP). Both patients showed linear IgG at the dermal-epidermal junction, located on the epidermal side of patients' skin previously treated with 1M NaCl. In the two cases, the ELISA test was positive for the extracellular fragment of BP 180. However, the indirect immunofluorescence test (IIF) was repeatedly negative. Therapy either with prednisone plus dapsone or prednisone alone was initiated and the disease was controlled after 23 and 15 months of therapy, in patients 1 and 2, respectively. However, the first patient had a flare-up 2 months after treatment was stopped. The association of MS and BP has been described previously in 35 cases. We compare our two cases with the 25 patients previously reported in detail in the literature. We emphasize the role of the ELISA test in establishing the diagnosis of BP.

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