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Monday 19 February 2007

[Neurocysticercosis complicating the treatment of cutaneous cysticercosis in a traveller]

By: Epelboin L, Klement E, Chemali N, Danis M, Bricaire E, Caumes E.

Bull Soc Pathol Exot 2004 Nov;97(4):250-2

Cysticercosis is an helminthic disease which is usually observed in endemic areas or in immigrants coming from these areas. Cases described in travellers coming back from endemic areas are rare. We describe a case of neurocysticercosis that was revealed by a paradoxical reaction. This reaction occurred during the early phase of the treatment of cutaneous cysticercosis by albendazole in a tourist coming back from the sub Indian continent. This case report leads to discuss the modes of infestation in tourists, and the management of cutaneous cysticercosis and paradoxical reaction that may impair the outcome of cysticercosis during the treatment with antihelminthic drugs.

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